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Sweet Nothing: America's Addiction to Sugar


Sweet Nothing: America’s Addiction to Sugar is a feature length documentary meant to challenge and educate the American public about the overconsumption of sugar in their day-to-day food intake, and to chronicle how the elimination of sugar has helped various Americans drastically reduce their risk of or eliminate serious diet-related diseases that are a national public health concern like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. The documentary will include experts in the field of sugar research, individuals who have kicked their sugar addiction, a Big Food whistle blower, and more to help illustrate just how serious America’s addiction to sugar is and how greatly the overconsumption of sugar impacts an individual’s health. 


  • To educate the public by accurately illustrating how the overconsumption of sugar is negatively impacting the health of millions of Americans.
  • To show and discuss scientific data that proves a link between disease and the overconsumption of sugar
  • To discuss and prove whether sugar is truly an addictive substance or not. 
  • To offer the tools and information needed to help Americans make wiser choices concerning the amount of sugar they consume in their diet
  • To aid Americans in making wiser choices regarding sugar substitutes, sugar avoidance, or minimizing their consumption of sugar without fear mongering and through strongly upholding the following core values: replacing current sugar consumption with healthier foods, not restricting or limiting themselves to a diet, that decreasing or eliminating sugar from one’s diet is an issue of wellness not necessarily just weight loss.






Laura Zinger

Associate Producer

Caroline Pahl


Laura Shields, Kirk Johnson


Laura Zinger

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