Lighting is top priority when it comes to capturing an image, still or motion.  Lights are everywhere, but knowing when and how to control them are what separates the professionals from the amateurs.  Calumet Photographic and 20K Films are partnering to offer a lighting for HDSLR workshop. We highly recommend that you take the basic HDSLR workshop: Camera Functions and Recording Audio before enrolling in this workshop.

Using a variety of lights, lighting techniques, and lighting setups, students will learn how to make the best decisions for shooting great video with their HDSLR cameras, whether you are shooting inside or out. Students will learn how to be prepared for every type of shooting situation.

Students will take part in lectures, hands on demos, and most importantly given time to set-up and test their own lighting setups.


Day One :

  • Complete overview of different lighting set-ups and situations (Finding a mood!)
  • Equipment overview
  • Lighting the Interview (Group Exercise One Lighting Set-Up)
  • Lighting the Narrative (Group Exercise One lighting Set-up)
  • View and critique student footage
  • Student Q&A

Day Two :

  • Overview of lighting for different locations and camera movement under different lighting schemes (Bracketing exposure, balancing temperature in camera and lighting for post-production color and grading)
  • Groups will choose specific project to set-up, light, and shoot
  • View and critique student footage
  • Student Q&A


    Hello, my name is Laura Zinger, Owner of 20K Films, and I am making a feature length documentary about Nicole Hollander, the legendary creator of feminist bombshell (more emphasis on the bomb than on the shell), Sylvia.

    Nicole Hollander approached me 5 years ago at the premiere of my first, independently produced documentary, Proceed and Be Bold! and in an act of utter kindness and total solidarity, she gave me one of her earrings and told me, “Here is your Oscar.”


    She then wandered away leaving me alone in complete shocked flattery with one of her earrings and the thought, “Holy cats! That was Nicole Hollander.”

    Nicole then returned two minutes and 36 seconds later and gave me the matching earring and told me I should have both.  As Nicole handed me her second earring, I knew I had found the subject of my next documentary.

    That was over 5 years ago.

    Independent filmmaking is not something to take lightly, there are high costs, overwhelming time commitments, hours and hours and hours of unpaid labor, and the full knowledge that time stops for no one.

    I am immensely proud and pleased to officially announce that the documentary we started 5 years ago about the life and work of Nicole Hollander is in post-production.


    This blog is how we will keep track of the progress of the documentary from post-production to completion. Here is where I am logging my thoughts about how to take all of the research materials and documentary interviews and shape them into a story.

    This is a page for you, her wonderful fans.

    And here is a list of everyone we interviewed for the documentary.

    We welcome your thoughts and comments.

    We would also welcome your help. Please offer it. Visit this page for how you can help us finish this documentary and get it out to Nicole’s and Sylvia’s fans.


    *Many thanks to the small crew who has helped this documentary happen so far: 
    Executive Producers: Douglas Zinger, Amos Paul Kennedy JrNicole Hollander
    Camera People: Laura ShieldsMatt Peace, Kirk Johnson
    Associate Producer: Caroline Pahl
  • Art Show

    I just TRIED to sell some PaBB DVDs yesterday at an Art art show in Chicago. It’s official (at least to me finally) NO ONE WANTS DVDs . NO ONE. My friend Myra and I were trying to figure out another angle to sell them (What a great mini shiny frisbee!), but it was a total NO GO. Luckily, Myra was able to sell some of her amazing paper wallets and pinwheels though.
    Today I’m finishing prepping for an 8 week documentary filmmaking course I’m teaching to some teenagers at a library in the burbs. I’m actually SUPER excited, because these kids had to apply and get accepted, so they WANT to be there, unlike all of my previous teaching experiences where kids/adults showed up in my junior college course and told me they wanted to be Quentin Tarantino and then sat on their ass basically making improv videos. Filmmaking is a SPORT. You want to be any good at it, you have to PRACTICE. And you have to FAIL. It’s neither cute nor fun.
    I’m playing around with starting up a monthly documentary mentor meet-up where I can teach anyone documentary filmmaking from scratch, without anyone having to drop some crazy bucks in a college/university setting. If you’re interested in being in the test group in January 2015, and you live in Chicago, just send me an email at 
  • Thanks for the Tweet!


    Aw…we just found this while cleaning off our desktop. We LOVE getting tweets from fans of Proceed and Be Bold!  

  • Thanks, Indiegogo!

    12/23/12 just listed The Detroit Printing Plant as one of the top 12 pitch videos on Indiegogo for 2012.

    20K Films’ Laura Zinger produced/directed/edited the pitch video for Amos Paul Kennedy Jr, the documentary subject of Zinger’s first independently produced doc feature, Proceed and Be Bold! 


  • Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. launches Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign: The Detroit Printing Plant


    20K Films helps Proceed and Be Bold! documentary subject, Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. launch an Indiegogo campaign: The Detroit Printing Plant.

    How cool will it be to have a letterpress shop in Detroit, MI, dedicated to helping anyone and everyone learn how to letterpress? Thank you, Amos Paul Kennedy Jr., for keeping art alive.

  • Proceed and Be Bold! gets its first Fan Videos!


    20K Films just got some cool Proceed and Be Bold! fan videos sent to us from students at North Lawndale College Prep created a “How-To” video inspired by the Letterpress Artist, Amos Paul Kennedy Jr.

    Many thanks to their very cool Video Production Teacher, Larissa Nikola-Lisa for introducing the students to the work of Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. 

    Without further ado, here are the videos:


  • On Tour: It’s Hard to Make a Living as a Letterpress Printer (Screening in Norfolk, VA)


    Proceed and Be Bold! continues on its screening tour in Norfolk, VA! Read the blog post here  about Laura Z’s experiences with screening the film in Norfolk.

  • On Tour: “Bottomless Pit of Wonderfulness” (Screening in Lynchburg, VA)


    Proceed and Be Bold! continues on its screening tour in Lynchburg, VA! Read the blog post here  about Laura Z’s experiences with screening the film in Lynchburg.

  • On Tour: Coffee Makes You Queer (Screening in Charleston, WV)


    Proceed and Be Bold! continues on its screening tour in Charleston, WV! Read the blog post here  about Laura Z’s experiences with screening the film in Charleston.

  • On Tour: What’s Your Start Date? (Screening in Oswego, NY)


    Proceed and Be Bold! continues on its screening tour in Oswego, NY! Read the blog post here  about Laura Z’s experiences with screening the film in Oswego.