About Us

Who are we?

20K Films was created by independent Producer/Director Laura Zinger. She has the energy of 47 bobcats and talks faster than most people run. Feeling frustrated by the lack of support of female filmmakers and by the weirdness that happens in her head on a daily basis, she decided to create a production company where her creative ideas could roam free and she could have more visionary control over the content she created. She pretty much runs the show and hires backup when she needs it.

What kind of awesome content do we create?

Pretty much anything. From documentaries to fiction films to web series to podcasts, 20K Films knows no bounds. Here’s a short list of some of the cool stuff we’ve done:


Indiegogo.com chose The Detroit Printing Plant as one of the top 12 pitch videos on Indiegogo for 2012. 20K Films’ Laura Zinger produced/directed/edited the pitch video for Amos Paul Kennedy Jr, the documentary subject of Zinger’s first independently produced doc feature, Proceed and Be Bold! 



20K Films’ first feature length documentary, Proceed and Be Bold!  has screened over 100 times across the world, has scored the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation’s On Screen/In Person grant, and generally had the hell loved out of it by the letterpress community at large.


Got questions?

Contact us at info@20Kfilms.com.



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