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What If?

Sylvia, the syndicated comic created and drawn by Nicole Hollander, served as a deeply feminist and political voice for women for 40 years. Sylvia didn’t make readers look at her surreal world and ask “Who are these characters?” The strip made readers look at the real world and ask, “Who are THESE characters?”

This feature length documentary will delve deeply into the career trajectory of Nicole Hollander from painting major to graphic designer to world renown cartoonist as well as show the rise of one of the most underrated, bathrobe wearing, beer guzzling characters to ever grace the pages of the Sunday funnies: Sylvia.

For more information on the documentary, please visit this website where Director, Laura Zinger is posting up weekly updates on the progress of the documentary as well as creating an online archive of Nicole Hollander’s lifetime of work. Nicole is the creator behind more than just the comic, Sylvia. She has also written one woman shows, helped write and produce a musical based on the comic Sylvia ((Sylvia’s Real Good Advice), and is currently running a blog at Bad Girl Chats as well as working on a graphic memoir about her childhood growing up in Chicago.